Juicy Lucy Designs Ltd

Jenna is experienced, organised and professional! She seems to have some super powers about making things happen quickly and easily. Our orders always arrive on time and in all the years of fulfilment we have never had any problems or complaints. Jenna is a real joy to work with. She has more common sense in her little finger than I have in all of my body- so it is great to know she is there.
 Jenna is passionate about fulfilment, she works incredibly hard, gives 200%. When we have a rush job, she makes it happen without any fuss. I cannot recommend her services enough.


Pango Productions Ltd

Pango has worked with Jenna for several years. We have nothing but praise for her - the attention to detail, her relationship with customer warehouses and understanding of the various booking procedures are a real bonus but most of all its her personal touch. She goes above and beyond the call of duty and we would highly recommend anyone thinking of changing their warehousing needs to contact her straight away.


Laura Sherratt Designs Ltd

For 10 years we have create high quality, handmade cards, we pride ourselves on great service and an eye for detail.  I have never wanted to use Ful fillment due to our high standards! We decided to try Swish as we could not deal with the demand from large multinationals , and we were not disappointed! The care and quality we have experienced is second to none. Jenna at Swish is an expert in making deliveries into brokerage companies with strict regulations. We have found Jenna to be very attentive, an excellent communicator both with customers and ourselves and like ourselves she cares about the product and service to customers! Highly recommend.

Swish Fulfilment Ltd

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